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Staging My Gear

Staging my gear. My goal is 50 to 60 lbs

Other riders are between 31 and 50 lbs...

I think it is amazing that riders can travel across the USA within the 31 to 40 lbs range. I often think that when "two or more" are biking together, they are able to share weight but when you are solo, everything comes with you.

Anyhow, I am down to less than 18 days from my departure date of May 2nd. I will use the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to organize all my stuff, while staying at my guest home in Vancouver, Washington (just outside of Portland). On the 5th, I expect to be speaking at one of my home churches and the 6th, early, we will drive two hours to my starting line in Astoria, Oregon. I will start riding on the 6th from Astoria, OR

Astoria, OR is my starting point on May 6th.

Today, I purchased a 2TB hard drive to be shipped to my Washington address as part of my gear. This is used for all my files, videos, and backups.

2TB hard drive to get things started for backups and files

I will write again soon in the near future as I progress along. Soon, I will be picking up my bike box and getting that ready.

sample bicycle box

Meanwhile, I will be teaching in the YWAM School of Worship this April 15, 16th, and 17th. On the 18th, we have a big day of evangelism here in Manila. After that, later in April, I have three more days of teaching in the Discipleship Training Week and possibly two more "driving jobs" for two teams that are going to their particular outreach and/or training location.

sample teaching photo

On the Move,

Mitch Metzger

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