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Dream & Declare

The Dream to bicycle across the USA started when I was 16 years old in the 80's. I used to bicycle all around South and North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin during the summers in my High School years. 


At age 20, I joined the U.S. Marines, and also became a Christian nearly at the same time. After two years, God began to speak to me about becoming a missionary in the Philippines, so I decided to "lay down these dreams," sold all my bicycles, thou$and$ of dollar$ worth of tools and equipment, and moved to the Philippines.

I never looked back for 30 years.


Now, after 30 years of doing missionary work in the Philippines, and 28 countries later, and having traveled and preached in all 50 States in the USA, God began to speak to me again, in 2016, about reviving my dream of completing the TransAmerican Bicycle Trail in 2019.


I began to talk to some of my close friends, co-workers, leaders, and supporters about this idea that was being re-kindled in my heart and mind. 


Nearly instantly, one of my supporters, who I used to bicycle with in the 80's immediately pledged to give me $2,500 to buy a bike and start-up gear. The remaining costs, I would have to trust God with, just as I have in the past, for any project He would place on my heart.


On May 15th, 2018, I ordered a TREK 520 touring bicycle and began to research all my gear needs, and began the step by step process of bringing a 4,320 miles solo bicycle trip together.


The adventure began!






In May of 2018, as I began to think about the goals and objectives of my TransAmerican bicycle tour, the words, "Dream & Declare" kept resonating in my mind.

Foremost, the trip in 2019 would be fulfilling a "dream" I had as a teenager over 34 years ago - a type of "bucket list" activity I always wanted to do.


The "Declare" part of the trip would be the Christian, evangelistic aspect of the trip. 


I have always been a Christian evangelist (bringer of good news) since Day One of my conversion to Christ in June 1984. It certainly would not stop on a bicycle trip.


On an unsupported, solo trip spanning over 10 States, 81 days, and over 4,230 miles, I met hundreds of people along the road, stores, restaurants, parks, rest areas, host homes, lodges, camp sites, etc.


For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard

—Acts 4:20


Declare means to share, preach, witness, testify, speak of, give a defense for.  


The Dream & Declare TransAmerican Bicycle Tour was a type of "30 Year Anniversary Gift" the LORD gave back to me for serving on the mission field for over 30 years—Amen! 

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