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My Gear

This is a complete list of everything I traveled with on my 2019 Trans Am. The weight was 70 lbs on a 28 lb steel framed TREK 520 bicycle. Towards the middle of my trip, I started cutting my weight down by eliminating all my winter clothes and cooking gear.

1—2018 TREK 520™ touring bike. Weight with saddle, fenders, racks, 3 cages:  

      —black frame: 57cm 

      —w/ Brooks B-17™ saddle included w/bike weight 

      —Schwalbe Marathon™ 700 X 32 tires included w/bike weight

1–Front Rack: Blackburn™ included w/bike weight

1–Rear Rack: Bontrager™ included w/bike weight

1 Set–Fenders front/rear - Bontrager™—included w/bike weight

1–Tool Bag (underseat) from TOPEAK™—1.12 lbs

    A. 3 tire wrenches B. 1 tire patch kit C. 1 allen wrench set D. hex wrench set


4–Panniers: Front—Ortlieb Sport Packer Plus™; Rear—Biker Packer Plus™—8 lbs. 

1–Handlebar front bag : Ortlieb™ Ultimate 6 M Classic—1.10 lbs

     w/ waterproof map case by Ortlieb™

1 set–Paper maps from TransAmer (12 pieces)—2 oz each. Travel with 3 maps = 6 oz.

1–Phone mount w/waterproof case—3 oz.

Assorted bungee/tie down cords—8oz 



1–Tent: Proforce Snugpak Ionosphere™ w/footprint — 5 lbs  

1–Sleeping Bag - Marmot 650™; 40 degree, duck down — 2.11 lbs

1–Sleeping pad 1/4" —1.2 lbs

5—Water proof dry sacks—3 lbs

1–Bath supplies—1.2 lb

    A. soap 3oz B. razor 2oz C. toothbrush, paste 5oz D. Korean towel 3oz E. toilet paper 5oz


1—MSR Whisperlite™ Int'l Stove w/unleaded fuel bottle—2.4 lbs

1—Spoon—2 oz 

1—Buck™ knife—6 oz. 

1—cooking pot and cup and stir whip

3—water bottles w/3 water bottle cages w/ screws—9 oz.


1-Assorted Tool bag—3.1 lbs 

    A. freewheel remover B. bottom bracket tool C. adjustable end wrench D. blade E. extra tire patch kit.

    F. 1-tube of Park Tool™ grease—4 oz. 


1- spoke wrench - not yet

1–chain link remover tool - not yet.

1–spare folding tire 700 X 32 Continental Gator™—13 oz. 

4–extra presta valve tubes 700 X 32 - any brand—5 oz.

1–tire pump—8 oz. 

1–Duct Tape—7 oz

2-3 rolls of black electrical tape— 4 oz each = 12 oz.

1-rag, chain wax (solid), wax (liquid) - 10 oz.

1-Loctite™ for screws - 3 oz.

1-nut and bolt assortment - 6 oz. 

1–Box of business cards—4 oz



1–Flashlight w/AAA batteries—4 oz 

2–Glasses: sun and night—4 oz

1-First Aid Kit—1 lb (review)  

1–OFF™ Mosquito Repellent: 12 oz

     A. Sun Screen & Chap stick 


1—Purse w/wallet items, passport, ID's, drivers license, calendar, other—1.3 lbs+

1—Bible w/ other reading materials—12 oz. 

    A. Waterproof pocket notebook book w/ waterproof space pen  B. journal - not yet


1–Laptop: Acer™ 8G/500MB/Win10, w/mouse, w/charger—3.8 lbs

3–16G USB flash drives—6 oz 

1—WD™ Easysave 2TB portable hard drive—9 oz.

3 –Power Banks and phone chargers w/ cables—1.10 lbs

1–Android ASUS™ cell phone—6 oz

1–Garmin Edge 25™GPS odometer w/mount—2 oz  

1–Head light rechargeable - Generic from Philippines—11 oz

    A. Rear, red, AA battery light from CatEye™



    GoPro Hero 7™ black w/cables w/3 extra batteries—1.6 lbs

    gorilla stick for GoPro—11 oz   



2–short sleeve (jersey types w/rear pockets) - from Lazada™—8 oz each X 2 = 1 lb. 

2–set gloves w/out fingers—4 oz

1-cold weather stocking hat - 3 oz.

1–set glove cold weather - wish list. buy in USA. — est 10 oz

1–pairs Darn Tough™ Vermont Socks (Marino wool blend)—3 oz

1- Bontrager Espresso™ 9.5 biking shoe—1.8 lbs

1- Biking shoes toe covers

1 - Biker shoe rain covers 

1–set Voler SOL Skin Spectrum Leg Protectors™—6 oz 

1-set arm sun protectors/warmers - Quiapo brand—2 oz

1-long compression pants w/padding—12 oz. 

1–running shoe for off days/church—1 lb 

2— Biking shorts w/chamois from Lazada™— 8 oz each X 2 = 1 lb

1-non-biking, off duty, free time, travel cargo pocket shorts - 1.4 lbs

2–long sleeve biking shirts—7oz each X 2 = 14 oz (1 lb)

1 Set - Rain gear - top, bottom  

1–Helmet from Bontrager Stravos™—10 oz

1–Helmet mirror from Lazada™—weight included with  helmet

2–Underwear—4 oz each X 2 = 8 oz

1-Loing under wear Under Armour for cold weather

1–Safety vest w/safety triangle by ACA™—4 oz.


END ------ 


mountain house freeze dried
Park Tool grease
bibles 2
hard drive
spoke wrench
spanner wrenches
leg protectors
520 label
bbremoval tool
adjustable end wrench
map case
Contenental Gator spare tire
reflective triangle
map set
bike with gear sample
28 days Freeze Dried
sleeping bag
business card back

file photo of my helmet: Bontrager Stravos

yellow panniers

File photo of my front panniers—my panniers are second hand


file photo of my Bontrager fenders

mess kit

file photo of a typical Boy Scout mess kit I have used for over 40 yrs


Solar recharging system for phones and cameras.

panniers two rear

File photo of my rear panniers

Snugpak Ionosphere Olive Tent

File photo of my tent

strava bike cover

My downloadable app for my Android phone to record my progress, routes and times

brooks b17

File photo of a Brooks B-17 bicycle saddle made in Germany

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