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This is a complete list of everything I traveled with on my 2019 Trans Am. The weight was 70 lbs on a 28 lb steel framed TREK 520 bicycle. Towards the middle of my trip, I started cutting my weight down by eliminating all my winter clothes and cooking gear.

1—2018 TREK 520™ touring bike. Weight with saddle, fenders, racks, 3 cages:  

      —black frame: 57cm 

      —w/ Brooks B-17™ saddle included w/bike weight 

      —Schwalbe Marathon™ 700 X 32 tires included w/bike weight

1–Front Rack: Blackburn™ included w/bike weight

1–Rear Rack: Bontrager™ included w/bike weight

1 Set–Fenders front/rear - Bontrager™—included w/bike weight

1–Tool Bag (underseat) from TOPEAK™—1.12 lbs

    A. 3 tire wrenches B. 1 tire patch kit C. 1 allen wrench set D. hex wrench set


4–Panniers: Front—Ortlieb Sport Packer Plus™; Rear—Biker Packer Plus™—8 lbs. 

1–Handlebar front bag : Ortlieb™ Ultimate 6 M Classic—1.10 lbs

     w/ waterproof map case by Ortlieb™

1 set–Paper maps from TransAmer (12 pieces)—2 oz each. Travel with 3 maps = 6 oz.

1–Phone mount w/waterproof case—3 oz.

Assorted bungee/tie down cords—8oz 



1–Tent: Proforce Snugpak Ionosphere™ w/footprint — 5 lbs  

1–Sleeping Bag - Marmot 650™; 40 degree, duck down — 2.11 lbs

1–Sleeping pad 1/4" —1.2 lbs

5—Water proof dry sacks—3 lbs

1–Bath supplies—1.2 lb

    A. soap 3oz B. razor 2oz C. toothbrush, paste 5oz D. Korean towel 3oz E. toilet paper 5oz


1—MSR Whisperlite™ Int'l Stove w/unleaded fuel bottle—2.4 lbs

1—Spoon—2 oz 

1—Buck™ knife—6 oz. 

1—cooking pot and cup and stir whip

3—water bottles w/3 water bottle cages w/ screws—9 oz.


1-Assorted Tool bag—3.1 lbs 

    A. freewheel remover B. bottom bracket tool C. adjustable end wrench D. blade E. extra tire patch kit.

    F. 1-tube of Park Tool™ grease—4 oz. 


1- spoke wrench - not yet

1–chain link remover tool - not yet.

1–spare folding tire 700 X 32 Continental Gator™—13 oz. 

4–extra presta valve tubes 700 X 32 - any brand—5 oz.

1–tire pump—8 oz. 

1–Duct Tape—7 oz

2-3 rolls of black electrical tape— 4 oz each = 12 oz.

1-rag, chain wax (solid), wax (liquid) - 10 oz.

1-Loctite™ for screws - 3 oz.

1-nut and bolt assortment - 6 oz. 

1–Box of business cards—4 oz



1–Flashlight w/AAA batteries—4 oz 

2–Glasses: sun and night—4 oz

1-First Aid Kit—1 lb (review)  

1–OFF™ Mosquito Repellent: 12 oz

     A. Sun Screen & Chap stick 


1—Purse w/wallet items, passport, ID's, drivers license, calendar, other—1.3 lbs+

1—Bible w/ other reading materials—12 oz. 

    A. Waterproof pocket notebook book w/ waterproof space pen  B. journal - not yet


1–Laptop: Acer™ 8G/500MB/Win10, w/mouse, w/charger—3.8 lbs

3–16G USB flash drives—6 oz 

1—WD™ Easysave 2TB portable hard drive—9 oz.

3 –Power Banks and phone chargers w/ cables—1.10 lbs

1–Android ASUS™ cell phone—6 oz

1–Garmin Edge 25™GPS odometer w/mount—2 oz  

1–Head light rechargeable - Generic from Philippines—11 oz

    A. Rear, red, AA battery light from CatEye™



    GoPro Hero 7™ black w/cables w/3 extra batteries—1.6 lbs

    gorilla stick for GoPro—11 oz   



2–short sleeve (jersey types w/rear pockets) - from Lazada™—8 oz each X 2 = 1 lb. 

2–set gloves w/out fingers—4 oz

1-cold weather stocking hat - 3 oz.

1–set glove cold weather - wish list. buy in USA. — est 10 oz

1–pairs Darn Tough™ Vermont Socks (Marino wool blend)—3 oz

1- Bontrager Espresso™ 9.5 biking shoe—1.8 lbs

1- Biking shoes toe covers

1 - Biker shoe rain covers 

1–set Voler SOL Skin Spectrum Leg Protectors™—6 oz 

1-set arm sun protectors/warmers - Quiapo brand—2 oz

1-long compression pants w/padding—12 oz. 

1–running shoe for off days/church—1 lb 

2— Biking shorts w/chamois from Lazada™— 8 oz each X 2 = 1 lb

1-non-biking, off duty, free time, travel cargo pocket shorts - 1.4 lbs

2–long sleeve biking shirts—7oz each X 2 = 14 oz (1 lb)

1 Set - Rain gear - top, bottom  

1–Helmet from Bontrager Stravos™—10 oz

1–Helmet mirror from Lazada™—weight included with  helmet

2–Underwear—4 oz each X 2 = 8 oz

1-Loing under wear Under Armour for cold weather

1–Safety vest w/safety triangle by ACA™—4 oz.


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My name is Mitch Metzger. I am a former U.S. Marine who has been a Christian missionary in the Philippines from 1988 until present. I have traveled and preached in 28 countries and all 50 States in the USA.


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