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Round Trip Baguio City

Taking an alternative route to Angeles City

My trip from Antipolo City to Baguio City last February 8th, 2019 was a good "test run" for mountains I expect to encounter during my Trans American Bicycle Tour coming this May 2nd to August 2nd, 2019. The TransAm is 7,000Kilometers crossing 11 States from Oregon to Virginia.

I started at 0315am and ran into a riding partner at about 0500 in Bulacan. He bought breakfast and I gave him a free Bible. He bikes nearly everyday to work from Makati to Bulacan which is probably 40 kilometers one way - probably.

All was fine until I did not recognize the left turn at MOLOLOS and I ended up adding an extra 25-30 kilometers to get back on track pointing towards Angeles City. The mistake was actually quiet, not a lot of traffic, farm land on both side and cool. I actually liked it better than MacArthur Highway BUT it did add more Kms to my day which...

...I felt when I arrived at LaUnion at lunch time.

I was already at 101 kilometers when I hit LaUnion. This is not good when you have 35 more kilometers to go which is nearly all uphill at KENNON ROAD.

Kennon Road is like a fantasy going DOWN from Baguio to LaUnion - high speeds and downhill bliss BUT going UP is a nightmare! haha

I think I had to take over 5 breaks going up Kennon Road and had to walk my bike nearly 10 times. Even my "granny gear" could not handle the steepness of the climbs + I have 44 Kilos of gear on my bike and it is the end of the day!

It took me about seven hours to climb 25 kilometers up Kennon Road. I even did a full sleep for 90 minutes only 3 kilometers from my Finish Line at Loakan Airport.

I arrived after 2130 in the evening. I was really tired. I learned some things on this trip. They are listed below:

Lessons Learned:

1. Never use expired sun block lotion. It plays too important of a job to risk not working while on the highway.

2. I need a mat or rug or cloth for just sitting or laying on during my breaks rather than using mdy reflective vest.

3. I am glad my biking shoes have RUBBER SOLES that enabled me to be able to walk my bike up some of the hills. I can't imagine what the bikers do when they have stiff carbon shoes that do not flex?

4. I need a longer short, or compression shorts that are full leg mostly for sun purposes.

5. My gloves need to be changed with gloves that have no color dye in them. They always stain my hands black when they get wet.

6. Always park or lay the bike down NEAR where you are sleeping. Even inches away from your head or body so that you do not have to be so anxious while resting or sleeping wondering if your bike is safe.

7. Upgrade one of my 10,000mAh power banks to a 20,000mAh. This should be perfect for my current needs for the really long days of 15 hours or more.

8. I still need to get a gorilla tripod for surface shots and a portable tripod for highway shots.

9. Use safety clear glasses for night riding when the sunglasses cannot be used anymore. Do NOT dare to ride even 100 meters without glasses. I tried it, and immediately got some fragment in my eye. Glasses always!!! Night and Day!!! Final.

This Friday, the 15th of February 2019, I will be returning to Manila. It is an easier experience since the vast majority is returning to near sea level. Follow me on facebook at: #50hours for this particular trip.


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