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Mitch's Philippine Loop Day 4- 6 Maria Aurora, Aurora to Carranglan, Nueva Ecija

Updated: Jan 24

Mitch's Philippine Loop Adventure Tour

Bicycle Riding Day 4

December 22, 2023

From: Maria Aurora, Aurora

Destination: Carranglan, Nueva Ecija

Distance travelled today: 101.24

Total KM Travelled: 402.24


Maria Aurora, Aurora; thru San San Jose City to Carranglan, N.E, 14kms from Sta Fe, N.E.


Great sleep last night, but bothered by a drunk guy during my roadside breakfast. Very mountainous going out from Maria Aurora to San Jose. Nice downhill coming to San Jose. Tightened my bottom bracket at bike shop in San Jose. Easy job. 150 pesos only ($3). Slept in Brgy Hall office in Carranglan, which is 14kms short of Sta Fe. Stopped at 6:51pm. 13 hrs on the road. Getting too dark and the highway has limited shoulder. Talked to the SK Chairman, told my quick story, and gave away 4 Bibles and over 6 stickers. They gave me free coffee. Very hospitable.

End of Day 4.

Day 5

Mitch's Philippine Loop Adventure Tour

Bicycle Riding Day 5

December 23, 2023

From: Carranglan, Nueva Ecija

Destination: Cordona, Isabela

Distance travelled today: 115.51

Total KM Travelled: 517.75


Carranglan, N.E to Sta Fe to Bababag, to Cordona, Isabela - very near Santiago.


Although I had free housing in a Brgy Hall in Carranglan, N.E., we had brown out the whole night! I was not able to recharge any of my batteries. Since my phone is my priority, I have an extra headlight that doubles as a power bank. I departed it at 4:07am. Four motorcyclists for sitting outside from a flat tire waiting for rescue. I talked to them all and they all got stickers. It was cold and windy and miserable going up the hill to Sta Fe. After 1 hour I found a self-service coffee place. I sat there and drank coffee and slept on my arms and had a noodle bowl after the owner woke up. After the sunrise, I started again and it was already warmer. I finished that long, uphill Dalton's pass today crossing over into N.V province. Jollibee has a nicer welcome sign than even the provincial government provides for. I stumbled across a 7-Eleven that had a CR right beside it! It's the very very first 7-Eleven I've experienced in the entire country that has a CR adjoined to it. I met some guys at 7-Eleven. We shared a while, exchanged shortcut information to Baguio, I gave them stickers, and we took selfies. I use my drone today near Bagabag. There are multiple scenes of large groups of Filipino farmers planting rice. I'm handling the mountains better already on day five. Getting stronger, obviously. There are dozens and dozens of roadside restaurants after passing through Santa Fe. Unlimited choices and options. Found a great hotel for only 850 in Cordon, Isabela. Hot shower. Perfect!  I passed the border crossings of three provinces today: N.E; N.V; and Isabela. Wow! Spent 14 hours on the road going 115kms.

End of Day 5.

Day 6

Mitch's Philippine Loop Adventure Tour

Bicycle Riding Day 6

December 24, 2023

From: Cordona, Isabela.

Destination: Tuguegarao, Cagayan.

Distance travelled today: 139.31

Total KM Travelled: 657.06


Cordona, Isabela through Santiago, Ramon, San Mateo, Aurora, Roxas, Mallig, Quezon, Santa Maria, Enrile and Tuguegarao, Cagayan.


Finally had nearly 90kms of flat! Nothing but rice fields on both sides. Windy all day. Drafted behind farming tractor for 3-4kms. What a nice break! I must of met over 30 people today. Gave stickers to all of them. Bought some Type-A charging wire today. Cracked my phone screen today too. Drank over 6 water bottles of buko juice. It's really empowered me for my 140 km day. The wind reminded me of South Dakota, USA. The straight road was like Kansas, and the last 50kms looked like Missouri rolling hill and sometimes like Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.

Spent 14 hours on the road going 139kms. Found a nice place at Villa Blanca Hotel. It has hot water, but it doesn't work.


End of Day 6

Tomorrow is APARRI, my 2nd required checkpoint.

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