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I Can't Sleep Anyhow!

Eight more hours to our starting line for the Trans American Bicycle Tour

I can't sleep anyhow so I might as well stay up and write another letter because tomorrow, in less than eight hours, I will be sitting on my bicycle for the next eight hours launching off from Astoria, Oregon to somewhere around Cannon Beach area - maybe 60 miles +/-

It's hard to believe I have arrived here. I have a type of "honeymoon" feeling of excitement, soberness, and sureness. I'm excited but I also want to control myself to make sure I am staying focused and not overlooking something.

I'm learning something already that my first day of biking, tomorrow, should maybe be considered a medium day and not so much too much just to make sure I am moving ahead "slow and steadily." I have to remind myself, "This is not a race. This is not a race." "Take my time, take my time," is the mantra going over and over in my mind right now. I do not have a schedule and as long as i maintain around 61 miles a day, I will be just fine.

I have so many ideas for videos I want to make and interviews I want to have with people, "Have you every had a dream in your life?" "What dreams to you have in your life?" "Are you pressing closer or feeling like you are accomplishing those dreams?" etc. I hope to be able to springboard or transition from this basis of "interview" to spiritual topics and help people move "one step forward" in their journey with God is one way or another.


My freeze dried meals are all packed. As you know, I will be having a "care box" shipped to myself every 10 days with 1/3, or more, of .my ready to eat meals in the box. Each box also has 20 Bibles in it which is intended for giveaways - two per day is my goal.

I thing I don't like is that I am starting with 40 Bibles (long story) which is 4 lbs extra rather than 20 pieces. My freeze dried meals is about 10 lbs extra for 10 days (about 1 lb per day). If you do the math, I am carrying 18 extra pounds at the start of this ride for the next 10 days but after that I will dropping 4 lbs for Bibles. In other words, I am starting off my ride with more weight than I wanted for the first 10 days. After May 16th and beyond, will be more normalized.

Giving away 200 Bibles in 90 days.

For sure, I will be learning so much about gear, and "things to bring" and "not to bring" for future journeys of my own and advising other for journeys of their.

Full gear the night before the starting line.

I told my wife once, "Hey, if I had $5,000 extra dollars, I could stay in motels and hotels the entire journey. I would not need camping/cooking gear, a tent, and would/could eat all my meals in cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. but for starters, I will try "the best of both worlds" ie. motels, parks, yards, homes, churches, tent, cooking, and cafes, campgrounds, anywhere and everywhere - as GOD GUIDES. We'll see what I discover. For sure, I will have hundreds of hours of stories to tell when I get home and for years to come.


Today, someone asked me via facebook, "What is the objective of all of this?" I want to paste my answer here just in case some of you missed my earlier blogs:

1. ou could begin reading here underneath the heading of "Declare" for starters and basics.

2. As a further add on, here are some other goals and objectives of the ride in no particular order:

[Evangelism two bibles a day, witnessing and interviewing people and spring boarding into evangelism, raising money for me and four other charity projects,


...visit up to 8 new churches, stay in 25 homes of strangers, produce series of "How to..." Videos during and after, blog and journal all experiences, visit some know contacts in strategic intersections, meet other believers and motivate and mobilize for above goals and others, expand networks and partnerships for multiple options concerning missions, learn and grow in trust with God, know self more, hear God's voice, be inspired, grow in creativity and experience and increase in illustrative stories for all future teaching purposes, enjoy America, change of atmosphere, great exercise, satisfaction and accomplishment. Problem solving, facing fears and anxieties and having victory. Watch God do miracles. There are more but this should be good enough].



I think I am going to end this blog a little abruptly. It's now 12:35am and I am waking up at 0330. Big day tomorrow. Follow me here, on YouTube and facebook. It's easier for you to find me th ,an for me to find you. Hey, look for my daughter Victoria. At this very moment, she too, is raising money back in the Philippines, for her second trip to Australia in the next two months, for more training with Youth With a Mission. She will be attending The School of Worship, Intercession, and Spiritual Warfare. Follow her. Consider giving towards her fundraiser. Thanks.

Victoria Metzger here

Good night!


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