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Cool Insurance!

Aside from a few year period in the 90's, while living in the Philippines, I have basically been uninsured in both health and death. I have not had any kind of health insurance or life insurance and fortunately, I have had great health and have handled all my simple medical problems with cash since 1988.

As I considered the 90 days that I will be in the USA crossing over 4,230 miles by bicycle, I reconsidered getting insurance. After researching and getting referrals from Ed's Unicycles, I decided to go with TripAssure™.

They are not officially sponsoring me in any way for my trip, and did not give my any special deals, but I wanted to talk about them "just in case" you might consider a similar option for an event you might have in the future.

For just one payment of $135, they threw together a pretty cool "plan" for me that covers my gear during airfare transit up to $2,000 in value and my bicycle for $1,500. I also get $25,000 for Death & Dismemberment. The big one is the Medical Expense/Emergency Evacuation of $100,000 for Accident and Sickness Medical, and the big $500,000 for Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation. There are some other add-ons for missed flight, delayed flight, trip cancellation, and rental car damage of $35,000.

The one I was most concerned about and interested in was the $25,000 for death just in case something happened to me. Liberty would get a "start up" check for about Philippines Php 1,300,000. So, this is all pretty helpful as I prepare for my trip.

All of this "plan" fits underneath TripAssure's Sports & Recreation Series™, just in case you might be interested someday - that's all. They required me to have a round-trip air ticket booked and paid for for everything to be activated.

TripAssure™ website located here.

Have a good day!


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