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1,200 Miler Coming Up in May

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Liberty and I will be traveling to the USA this May 10th for 90+ days. We will be back in the Philippines in September. One of the very first things I need to do after arriving at the airport and unpacking my bags is to bicycle from St Louis, Missouri to Morehead, North Carolina to pick up the car that a church friend is lending me for our cross-country furlough.

This was our route in 2016. 2021 will be similar.

Every four years +/-, we make this furlough trip. We average over 30 States from coast to coast and visit as many as 60 + friends, families, and supporters.

This was our car we used in 2016

I am not sure what type of car is being prepared for us by our church friends in North Carolina. It's always a great surprise.

Anyhow, this is the route I will be biking from St Louis to Morehead [roughly]. I will adjust the highways and make exact route at a later date. At least you get to see what it is kinda like here:

Rough draft from St Louis, MO to Morehead, NC

For sure, this is my NC route. It is called "Mountains to Sea" Route.

Elevation chart of the Mountains to Sea Route

NC has an already establish bicycle preferred route. That is it above. I only need to complete a TENNESSEE version and work on my MISSOURI route some more and I will be finished.

Basically, I bicycle the 1,200 miles, pick up the car, and drive back to FORT JACKSON, SC to pick up Evangeline and Liberty Metzger just in time for Victoria Metzger's Army National Guard Basic Training Graduation sometime around JUNE 4th +/-. Note: This last paragraph will be changed since the graduation will be VIRTUAL, ONLINE ONLY. No parents allowed in person. It appears I will be driving directly back to Saint Charles, MO with no stop in Fort Jackson - updated April 8th, 2021.

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