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Christmas Bicycle Tour 2019

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

BATANGAS: Last December 26th to 30th, I made a near-solo, Christmas-vacation, bicycle trip from Antipolo, Rizal to Nasugbu, Batangas; to Cuenca, Batangas; followed by Pedro Garcia, Batangas (Faith Farm); pass through Pagsanjan, Laguna back home to Antipolo, Rizal. The trip was 384 kilometers long.

On the 26th, I departed early at 0400 and joined another biker-believer from Victory Christian Fellowship and rode with him to his farm in Brgy. Latag, Nasugbu, Batangas. The first day was 136 kilometers.

On the 27th, I departed a little late and had to change my plans of going all the way to Lobo, Malibrigo Lighthouse. I was also battling a tendon pain so I shortened my trip and went 71 Kilometers from Nasugbu to Cueva, Batangas. I stayed in a church we ministered in last 2007.

On the 28th, I had a very short 28 kilometer trip to Faith Farm. Faith Farm is within reach of Padre Garcia, Brgy. San Miguel, Batangas (near Lipa City) and is owned and operated by a former YWAM co-worker and his family. He has been inviting me forever to come and visit their new operation but I never have time.

I asked Liberty and Evangeline to take public transportation from Manila on this same day. It is less than six hours. They met me there and we all spent the night at Faith Farm.

The next morning, on the 29th, Liberty and Evangeline headed home and I left earlier before sunrise towards home. I traveled 132 kilometers until reaching Teresa, Rizal. I stopped there for the night. I had a good, strong, long day.

After spending the night in Teresa, Rizal, I had nearly 10 kilometers uphill entering Antipolo and 7 kilometers downhill to bring me home. The 10K entering Antipolo is full of switchbacks and curves, I could not accept the thought of trying to do it the night before. I was home before 0830 on the 30th.

There are over five switch backs arriving into Antipolo from the Teresa side.

Another switchback arriving into the City of Antipolo.

Great view from Antipolo City at approx 0730 in the morning.

My final breakfast before heading downhill to bring me home.

On January 4th, our Christmas holiday is finished and we will all return back to our Training Center. Our outreach will continue on January 10th to Romblon, Cebu, and Indonesia.


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