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75-90 days on a bicycle...coming soon...

In just 31 days I will be sitting on an airplane flying from Manila to Portland, OR. This is not a normal furlough. This is not a normal trip. I will be literally traveling across the entire USA by bicycle. I will be planning all my overnights day by day and making judgment calls as to the best place to stay tonight—every night!

I will be eating all my meals in restaurants, gas station, grocery stores, and cooking on my own gas powered stove.

My stove uses unleaded gasoline to cook with.

Many of my meals will be dehydrated, freeze-dried, add water only, meals. No cooking required. I have nearly 90 meals in this fashion.

Freeze dried meals. Just add water and eat.

I will carry 10 days of meals with me on the bike and will arrange for a box of new supplies to be sent to me every 10 days (8 shipments total).

I will be traveling with 20 New Testaments at a time. I hope to look for "two divine appointments per day" to give the Bibles away with a simple witness. 20 new Bibles will also be shipped to me every 10 days while on the route.

Two Bible giveaways per day target

This is my stamp in each Bible I give away

My biggest anxiety will be housing every night. Although I have very detailed maps, both paper and digital, with other online internet resources for possible housing locations, everything will be "cold turkey." This means, my route will be on a route that I do not normally take on my normal furlough-type trips when I have a car visiting homes of families, and churches, that I know.

I have 12 separate maps for the entire trip

After arriving in Portland, OR on May 2nd, I will spend the 3rd and 4th, unpacking and packing all my gear or organizing all my things. On the 5th, I will be speaking in one of my home churches in Fairview, OR and on the 5th evening or at 0300am the next morning, I will be getting a ride (100 miles) to my Starting Line in Astoria, OR. I will literally be dropped off by my friend, and I will be on my own from that point on.

My Starting Line in Astoria, OR on May 6th

I am targeting somewhere near Rockaway Beach, OR for my 1st of 75+ nights on May 6th.

My target location for my 1st of 75+ nights on the road...

You can probably see how I will have many surprise expenses along the way. I hope that my normal support levels will cover most expenses but I doubt it. I will need miracles all along the way. Please remember me in your giving from now until August. If you have any extra money, consider giving towards some of my big fundraisers also! You can read about them on my "Donate to our Charity" link—here:

While I am organizing my trip, Victoria Metzger, our 18 yr old daughter, who just completed her YWAm Discipleship Training School in Sydney, Australia, will also be preparing her fundraiser to return to Australia for her 2nd level training: The School of Worship, Intercession, and Spiritual Warfare—a 24 week Youth With a Mission school.

Victoria Metzger on her Kenya Outreach a few months ago

Evangeline Metzger, our 22 year old, will continue her 3rd year of Miriam College here in Manila while staying at home with Liberty. She graduates in 2020.

The Metzgers. Taken on Victoria's 18th Birthday last March 2019.

2020 is Liberty and I's scheduled trip to the USA to visit all our supporters, friends, relatives,a and churches. That route traditionally looks something like this:

Sample route for 2020 trip taken from our 2016 actual route.

On the Move,

Mitch Metzger

fb: mitch.metzger

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