About Me

My name is Mitch Metzger. I am a former U.S. Marine who has been a missionary-evangelist in the Philippines since 1988.  I have traveled to over 28 countries, and all 50 States in the USA, doing evangelism and missions.

I have led the Youth With a Mission, School of Evangelism (SOE), in the Philippines, since 2003 and am a regular teacher/speaker in Youth With a Mission Discipleship Training Schools, throughout the Philippines, on the topics of Christian Foundations, Godly Relationships, Evangelism, and Clear Conscience Christianity.

I have a book entitled “God had a Wonderful Life for Judas but…” on Lulu.com 

I am originally from South Dakota, but have lived in Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines for nearly 30 years. I have been married to a Filipina, named Liberty, since 1991 and have two daughters: Evangeline and Victoria. Both daughters are young adults living in Missouri, USA.

I have walked, and/or led long distance walking teams  on nearly every major island of the Philippines with a 12-foot, 43 lb Cross covering over 7,300 kilometers since 2007

I have completed dozens of 10, 16, 21KM running races and have totaled hundreds of miles in road time. 


I have directed over 39 SUGE' Outdoor Adventure and Leadership Courses in the Philippines since 2003. See video here:










Last May 6th to July 25th, 2019, I bicycled across the USA on my Dream & Declare Trans America Bicycle Tour.